Since March 31, 2023, all organizations must provide one piece of identification per director to file their annual or current update declaration. This is also the case for new organizations in their declaration of registration, initial declaration or declaration of re-registration.

The purpose of this approach is to improve the accuracy of the information relating to natural persons declared in the register and to strengthen the protection of the public by ensuring that the information provided corresponds to that already declared. Organizations must provide the Registraire des entreprises with a copy of an identity document in respect of the

  • each director declared in the register;
  • each newly elected director.

Note that this obligation applies only to directors. You will have to provide a copy of a valid identity document, that is to say, it must be unexpired.

In addition, the copy of this identity document must be legible. It will be kept until the date of registration or until the update declaration is filed in the business file. It will then be destroyed.

Copies of the following pieces of identification with or without photo are accepted by the Registraire des entreprises. They must be issued by a governmental authority, i.e. an entity that reports to a government.

Only identity documents with a surname, first name and date of birth are accepted.

For Canadian Administrators

The following copies of identity documents are accepted:

  • passport;
  • driver’s or learner’s licence;
  • health insurance card;
  • Canadian permanent resident card;
  • immigration document issued by the Government of Canada (IMN-1442);
  • official identification documents for military, police or diplomats posted in Canada;
  • Secure Certificate of Indian Status;
  • Quebec birth certificate;
  • ID issued by a Canadian province or Canadian territory that includes a date of birth.

For foreign administrators

Copies of the following identity documents are accepted:

  • passport;
  • any other identity document issued by a government authority and showing a date of birth.

Copies of identity documents must accompany the request corresponding to your situation, otherwise they will be destroyed.

See source.

*Please note that the source is only in french. If you need further information, please contact the Registraire des entreprises